Monday, October 13, 2008

that girl is so dangerous,

Where have all the good people gone? I've been flipping channels on the telly but I don't see them. Where are all the promises we made to each other, everyone of you? Where has everything, we all once planned foolishly while we were sober, gone? Where is everyone going to? Why are you all leaving me alone?

The four of you, out of which one of you has changed so much, I don't recognise you anymore, and the another following along, blinded by the patterns of this world so much that you don't see where you've strayed. We all promised we'd be there for each other, but it's now only the three of us. Why have both of you left? Are we the only ones waiting?

The three of you, who once said that you will never forget my existence, but you don't bother maintaining it. Where have you gone to? Are you going to let the events of yesterday ruin the chance which God has gave us to meet? Why are we all scattered and forgotten in each other's mind?

That bunch of you, always leaving it to the few of us to get things done. We know you look to us as leaders, but why are you all throwing all the burden on us when we are much able to pull through this together as one? Where are all the bonds?

All that's left are broken promises, squeezing the fulfilled promises through the spaces between my fingers. What are you all doing - trying to smother the life out of me?

So I guess that's it - the only people that need me in their life are those that prove they need me in theirs. People are going to want me, need me, exceed me, take me, love me, hate me, play me, rate me, save me and break me. but that's what makes me, me. And if you don't like it, there's nothing I can do. Newsflash idiot, I don't live to please you.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

darling, it's better. down where it's wetter - take it from me.


actually, the exams aren't really that hard and scary. it's just the imagining part. the studying part sucks (yes i know) but when you take the paper, it's like a breeze and then the bell goes. everything is over before you know it!

apologies to my dear readers (which i think have all disappeared after my long break without notices or whatever but i don't think anyone cares) who have been constantly coming back but the impending dread of not seeing any new posts keeps you from coming back to check! but fret not, for i am back!

must i mention that i think i love my class? somehow, unknowingly and unconsciously, we have all bonded so well together, it's as if nothing can tear us apart! and the difference is there when we are not together as a class!

i guess it must be the stress hitting me~ heh. this is the first time i've really studied for the exams! and my hand's hurting a lot. =_= i think my hand'll probably be dead by the time everything ends. i wanna go for a massage! my right shoulder is getting real stressed and i need to do something about it :( even the shoulder bone hurts ;( somebody accompany me to do massage please :)


Thursday, September 25, 2008

There is nothing to fear, for i am right beside you; for all my life i am yours.

Okay, sheesh with the title! What About Now by Daughtry is stuck in my head! (What's with the capitalisation?) The EOYs are coming!


The EOYs are coming!
The EOYs are coming!
The EOYs are coming!


Lol, I have nothing to say about it. Actually, I have nothing to update my blog with! Or maybe I should add just some lame stuff about what's happening... But there's nothing...

IMO, my class is just getting weirder by the day -.- I thought my class would be oh-so-cool for a 3e1 class but then I just recently noticed how my class looks like from far when we have a test on that day - everyone holding notes/textbooks together! O-m-f-g I so love my class :)

And and and Galton is so cute please. He's so straightforward in a way that makes you just wanna laugh. I don't know how to explain it to you but he gives you the weirdest answers to normal questions like, "It taste alkaline." -.-! So love him la. And then there's another time (which so happened to be yesterday) I sat beside him in Chemistry class (because Qutub-the-barbarian tried to piss Ruilin off at my seat). So Ruilin asked me to go back to my seat but Qutub-the-barbarian wouldn't let me! So we decided to ask Galton.

"Eh, Galton, who do you think should move?" Qutub-the-barbarian asked.

"I don't want to sit with Qutub! Get him away from me!" Ruilin-the-damsel-in-distress cried.

*Silence for a full minute as Galton copies the answers to the Chemistry worksheet that has just been flashed*

*Looks up*

"I want to go to the toilet. Anyone went to the toilet?" Galton-my-best-friend-suddenly replied.

And here comes the epic headslap by Qutub-the-barbarian and some random laughter. I told him to just go to the toilet, just tell the teacher that it was urgent but he continued copying his notes. I don't know what's with him but he just had to say this,

"My leg shaking already." meaning he's very urgent.. imo.


Must I mention too that Qutub has been a barbarian for the past 3 days in class? Ever since I asked him about some gaming stuff, he's been "Ugah-ugah"-ing at me in class... Because he's played a barbarian character on the game so... he believes it is okay to be one IRL. O-k-a-y. That's not the worse part. He does it to my chinese teacher and often gets seen by our other subject teachers when he does that "Ugah-ugah" shit. Hahaha.

So love my funky class. Cute, weird and crazy people. Not to forget Brenda-the-bimbo-bitch.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i won't cross the streets until you hold my hand.

djmax2 portable; more than just a game


okokay, i know i had a long dinner :x and here are the pictures. :) sorry i only took so little, what do you expect?

i went to school on my birthday FIFTEENTH OF SEPTEMBER TYVM(yes i'm a cool nerd) and not surprisingly, not much people remembered my birthday. especially those whom i expected to remember, didn't. <_< those i didn't expect any from, remembered. how awesome is that. (which proves that i only have so little true friends.)

angela gave me a handphone strap-thingy with my name on it :D and the first to wish me a happy birthday! hawhaw. veronica & yingxuan gave me this super huge deck of poker cards -.- slightly larger than two decks placed side-by-side. so awesome.

qutub, brenda, adele and i went to have a go at those super huge cards, and angela sat by and watched after school. we had to ask qutub to shuffle the cards because we have small hands. :x though we tried, but yeah you get the drift.

after that, angela and i went down to the canteen to slack, while supposedly waiting for justin but something cropped up, so we made a move first and met him at woodlands station. :x he got me a dress, THAT super awesome dress! from bodyline omfg and you can click on the peekcture.

we went home together and i showered and changed clothes, and i don't know why i looked so classy -.-v oh wells.

he brought me to earle's swensons for dinner and the soup of the day was awesome, hurhur. i was freezing the whole time in vivo because my shirt's material was superbly thin. AWESOME.

after that we went to watch MAMMA MIA! and the show was awesome! though it's a musical and the music is like so yesterday, the show just made everything so spectacular! :x go watch it mans.

I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I'll cross the stream - I have a dream

we walked around in vivo before heading back homeee. fweeeeeeee. but i'm at a loss of what to do on my darling's birthday now. BEST. i can't possibly do all this for him -.- this is for a girl.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

baby, you got the keys,

hi. i am hungry and am awaiting dinner. roar.
anyway, while looking through my email, i found some crap. hawhawhaw. :D


It's not the fault of the student if he fails, because the year ONLY has 365 days.
Typical academic year for a student:

1. Sundays - 52 Sundays in a year, you know Sundays, are for rest.
Days left 313.
2. Summer holidays - 50 where weather is very hot and difficult to study.
Days left 263.
3. 8 hours daily sleep - 130 days GONE.
Days left 141.
4. 1 hour for daily playing - (good for health) means 15 days.
Days left 126.
5. 2 hours daily for food & other delicacies (chewing properly & swallowing) - means 30 days.
Days left 96.
6. 1 hour for talking (man is a social animal) -> means 15 days.
Days left 81
7. Exam days - per year at least 35 days.
Days left 46.
8. Quarterly, half yearly and festival (holidays) - 40 days.
Days left 6.
9. For sickness - at least 3 days.
Days left 3.
10. Movies and functions- at least 2 days.
1 day left.
11. That 1 day is your birthday. How can you study on that day?!
Balance = 0
How can a student pass?


and yup. yesterday was a super nice day (other than it being my birthday). i'm gonna go have my dinner and update with the pictures later. ^o^~~

Saturday, September 13, 2008

i've built a wall not to block anyone out... but to see who loves me enough to climb over it.

just venting my anger


sorry vivian, put your aeroplane today. i will make it up to you one day. i promise.

i sent vivian an aeroplane because i really needed to see the pannier and guess what? *drumrolls* it's $7x! *creepy sound effect coming on* i will get it, but i have to convince qutub & brenda not to get me into their $100 plan because T^T i really want it, me-h.

so i went to far east with andrea and lydia. andrea said she looked trashy (lol i think so too) so we saved her with some cotton on cardigan and flip flops. the receipt was super long haha and super cool, so i took it. :x then we went down and saw my pannier. \(=T^T=)/

after that we went down to plaza singapura so collect something but it wasn't there! so we went to flash&splash to look at my skirt but andrea and i got distracted by caps! omfg and lydia bought that cap for me as my birthday present. LOVE YOU LYDIEEEEEE! and i lent it to andrea for today because she was so noisy

then lydia went home, and andrea and i went to bugis because andrea wanted to get a dont-know-what-shirt-for-some-dont-know-what-reason. but it wasn't there! she was so sad. and before we went home, we went to diva and got this "best friends" locket! she took "friends" so i got "best". *shrugs* because we'll prolly be getting a "best friends forever" with lydia haha. (though i should get it with hannah and valery ._.)

oh lols. how many necklaces did i have today...
1 long guitar necklace... 1 cross necklace... another cross necklace andrea lent me... and the "best friends" locket... :D omfg. hahaha.

and... some shit happened and now i'm so fucken hungry because i've got no dinner. ~~ tralala, i SO love myself.

p/s: went to make my i.c. on friday! still have to wait until 20th october to get it. grr this counter person, nur fahzilla saved my life! hoho! she saved my passport photo and omfg, my i.c. picture is gonna be so awesome! special thanks to randy baa baa. love you two so much!


thanks for being my unbiological sisters!


went bloghopping for a while and then compared it to darling's and my blog. read it somewhere in Cecelia Ahern's `If You Could See Me Now`, something like "when we try to simplify things, sometimes we just complicate it further."
yes i'm very happy to be with darling but... i don't know! i'm not expecting it, but... what you write on your blog... you seem very unsatisfied and shit.. I DONT FUCKING KNOW!

anyway! some very long-time-ago little brother from maple just talked to me, telling me he's super happy that he's a christian! so love him la. he's so sweet. he still remembers me, calls me jie -.-" and so happy that he's happy he's a christian! L-O-V-E-D. ^_^

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

close your eyes, and dream.

hello world. welcome back to school and to the start of term 4. (please clap) this signals the end of all the fun and the start of all the mugging, so if you haven't bought a mug yet, please do so because we will all be mugging soon. more than words sells pretty nice mugs so do take a look if you've got time.

alright! what was that, i don't know but... yup why am i spending time to blog now? *shrugs* instead of studying for my maths test tomorrow, i can't believe i spent 2 hours (again) to do mulberry painting! the last time i did cross stitching of the virgo star sign... now it's a painting of the african elephant in the sunset... :x i'll take a picture and upload it soon. :x

can't say today was a bad day... since we played taiti in chinese class today! and this time we didn't have to draw out fake cheapo poker cards because i brought mine! (omgz) and the relief teacher is super funky luh. instead of making us do the homework he taught us how to play the indian poker! LOL, he's super cute i tell you.

it goes like, everyone takes a card but don't look! and sticks it on your forehead. then the other people will have to try and convince you to put down your card because the person with the smallest card at the end of the game (2 diamonds) lose and will have to do something stupid. and yup, if the person does so, you can take his/her card. alternatively you can just put down your card and take a new one from the pile.

don't know why it's entertaining but yeah, play it in a big group and you'll know why. ha ha ha. rather fruitful day today i guess! except that darling didn't reply my message and i am so :( now! :( :( :( sad face spam.

never mind \: i shall go continue my paint. tralala. :( :( :(

Friday, September 5, 2008

what about now? what about today?



reason for lack of updates:
1. lazy
2. find no need to
3. busy
4. too much to be completed in one day
5. who cares


i can't believe i'm almost sick. *frowns* i just screamed the wrong way and now my throat's hurting like fuck. now i'm feeling all feverish and weak and all the funny things x_x let's just hope i'll make it through the day without anything bad happening... like last year..

oh wells. nice update huh. nothing much happening already. \: going back to my plain old life with me blending in with the multitudes and whatever else. ttfn.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shoot for the moon! If you miss you will still be among the stars.

credits to: sooper deviant

*yawn* here we go again. ~~

Your Own MIRACLE - Ruby Tuesday [DJMAX PORTABLE 2 Opening Theme]
Lyrics & Vocal by Christine Jones

Close your eyes.. Take some time just to center your soul and be at one..
With the sky.. You can fly if you unfurl your wings to face the sun..
In your mind, You will find all the power you need to get things done..
And your dreams.. They can seem like mere shadows of brighter days to come...

Shoot for the moon!!
If you miss you will still be among the stars..
Don't ever stop!!
If you never give up you are guaranteed to go far..

Be your very own miracle..
You can win a race standing still.. Go on! (Go on!)
Pick those beautiful feel up from off the floor rise and soar..
Be your very own miracle..
Just believe you can, and you will.. Have faith! (Have faith!)
Every goal that you make is a chain you break to set your spirit free!

Every page you have turned in this book of your life has led you here..
Every step that you take you grow closer to conquering your fear..

Dreams can come true!!
but they depend on you and how strong you are..
Don't ever stop!!
If you never give up you are guaranteed to go far..

Be your very own miracle..
You can win a race standing still.. Go on! (Go on!)
Pick those beautiful feel up from off the floor rise and soar..
Be your very own miracle..
Just believe you can, and you will.. Have faith! (Have faith!)
Every goal that you make is a chain you break to set your spirit free!

i've been onto the opening song for djmax portable 2 lately. i don't know why but i just love it. :) the week is finally over and the dreaded annual competition draws closer. oh well, this is the last one i'm gonna have so i might as well enjoy it ^____^

can't say that the past week has been rather fruitful... but time was pretty well-spent. and sul said ced's birthday is coming up. :o and... :D okay stuff's gonna happen, hopefully i'll be able to get photos from tomorrow to update my blog soon :D

njrc presentation of 2008 was very well done; good job team! sorry for being a horrible leader, but you must understand that i only work at my best under pressure, :x it's true! <3 now on, we just have to work hard on our robot and booth! and then we can chiong for our EOYs and... start on the Os. woots. lovely schedule. can see so far ahead. yay.

nothing much to talk about this week. and you can probably ignore my previous snap. gingersnap cookies, mm. so happy that somebody's into my flmp girl tee and some random heart-with-wings-print tee. earning monieh (at least for now) and... yay. into something else now. if you see someone dressed really different from the world, that could be me. :) but not in the meantime. i'm waiting for my lovely shoes. lovely lovely.


52 confessions :D

1. The phone rings, who do you want it to be?
{ pleasedon'tring,pleasedon'tring,pleasedon'tring... usually no one. :)

2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart?
{ tuh-duh!i have a mini cart at home on display already. :x

3. If you had to kiss again the last person you kissed, would you?
{ Y-U-P.

4. Do you take compliments well?
{ of course, definitely!

5. Do you play Sudoku?
{ er yes.

6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness would you survive?
{ um. it it's like the show 'lost', i'll prolly be the first few to die. :(

7. If your house were on fire, what would be the things you would save?
{ handphone, psp, ez-link card and IC.

8. Who was the last person you slept in the bed with?
{ darling.

9. Who do you text the most?
{ er.. darling and lydia.

10. Favorite children's book?
{ little mermaid.

11. Eye color?
{ brownish-black.

12. How tall are you?
{ 5 feet tall

13. If you could do it over again,start from scratch, would you?
{ no.

14. Any secret admirers?
{ yes :D darling lor.

15. When was the last time you were at Olive Garden?
{ huh what -

16. Favorite place..?
{ in darling's room.

17. Where was the farthest place you've been?
{ la la land. :D

18. Do you like mustard?
{ um no.

19. Do you prefer to sleep or eat?
{ sleep!

21. Do you miss anyone?
{ YES.

22. Can you do split?
{ no. -.-v

23. What movie do you want to see?
{ wall-e! (for now)

24.What did you do for New Year's Eve?
{ stone with darling and some other people.

25.Do you think The Grudge was crappy?
{ um yes.

26. Favourite movie?
{ 10 promises to my dog!

27. Was your mom a cheerleader?

28. What's the last letter of your middle name?
{ E. (trouble)

29. Favourite action?
{ walking.

30. How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
{ around 3-4. :D

31. Favourite word?

32. Favourite day of the week?
{ thursday, the slackest day ever.

33. Current activity?
{ typing and singing. :x

34. Person on your mind?
{ darling :x

35. What do you wear to sleep?
{ normal clothes lor..

36. Colour of your shirt now?
{ black!

37. Is your hair straight or curly?
{ straight, like baby hair.

38. Colour of your handphone?
{ black.

39. Last thing you bought?
{ something for darling. cannot say now because haven't give yet. haha.

40. Do you like funny or serious people better?
{ neither. D:

41. Current pencilbox brand?
{ nici -.-

42. What is on your mind right now?
{ psp song. :D

43. Any plans 4 tonight?
{ yes. baking :x

44.Whats your fav. song at the moment?
{ Ruby Tuesday's Your Own Miracle

45. Do you hate chocolate?
{ okay-okay. :x i prefer oreo!

46. What do you and your parents fight about the most?
{ rights.

47. Are you a gullible person?
{ to some extent lor.

48. Do you need a boyfriend/girlfriend to be happy?
{ no ah, but when the time comes, you'll be happier :D

49. If you could have any job what would it be?
{ graphologist/psychologist. both also can.

50. Are you easy to get along with?
{ to some extent.. usually no with strangers :D

51. What is your favorite time of day?
{ when everyone is high! :x

52. Are you generally a happy person?
{ okay-okay la. :D

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

big FUCK.

fuck this fucking computer. fuck it upside down. it was working perfectly fine on monday and i could fucking plug in my phone. now this fucking computer does not fucking recognise it. guess what?- i've been bloody fucking plugging it in the past half hour. fuck this fucking computer.
best part yet. i go off to my fucking room to do a fucking word search puzzle so that my fucking phone can get fucking connected to the computer and this fucking bastard tell me "switch off the computer if you're not using it" when the fucking monitor obviously shows LOADING. then when i go to use the fucking computer that fucking bastard go switch off the fucking light at the computer. i know my eyes are too fucking good so it can probably continue on staring at some fucking screen and it won't spoil. still not enough, he continues to fucking annoy me by making me go around the fucking house turning off every single bloody switched on lights that aren't in fucking use. you have a pair of bloody legs go fucking switch it off yourself! oh my fucking gee why is it always me?
awesomest part ever. i sit down to play the fucking psp game for 10 minutes and then somebody else fucking comes over and tells me to stop being so fucking "addicted" to it when i've only played it today for 10 minutes? i just got so fucking bored/pissed/angry/etc to continue my work so i decided to fucking relax on a game and look what i fucking got.


F U C K .

Monday, August 25, 2008

da da da da daaaa da da da da da daaaaaa.




HELLO ALL. it's so rare that i update my blog in <5 days right! well i guess it's because i'm lazy to plug in my phone or i'm lazy to find a picture to decorate or maybe i just want to rant things out. hoho. except that i have nothing to rant out. so yup, you just got a whole load of crap >:}

alright! moving on! i have found a picture to decorate my empty post. seems like i can't go off on a wordy post without pictures! *beams*

weeeeeeelllllll. i don't know what's with the random picture but i guess i'm too used to having a picture to go with a wordy post, like peanut butter and jelly always seems to go well (not that i eat them, but yeah.) and so the final result like this. xD

oh, if you're wondering what's with the dadadada-crap as my title, it's the song for the advertisement for the supermother show on channel 8. it's kinda stuck in my head... along with the song for the canon advertisement -.-v what's with my head mans.

*thinks* i do have something to rant, but it doesn't seem right so... let's go google jokes.... ^_^ adele's jokes are awesome - hardcore manxzxzxxzxzxzxzx.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

was it you who spoke the words that, things would happen but not to me?

hoho! djmax2portable rocks my smelly socks!

watching the olympics now. i am so amazed at how the world comes together to fight without weapons. or at least on the screen. it's like everyone's so united. or at least most of the world population. you can exclude all those at war and bla bla bla. not amazed anymore. naivete.

anyway! the past week has been really fun! and when i say fun, i really mean hardcore fun alright! hardcore fun = no evil voice telling you to skip school. woots! i don't really remember everything that happened this week but overall, it rocked so much. :}

on wednesday, brenda and izzuan had a bet on whether miss madam zuraidah would be in school today and brenda lost! the forfeit was... she had to be a vegetarian for 1 week! hoho, like she became one for seven days -.- only three! maybe two. B-O-O!

charles's bottle suicided. :(


random pictures.

Friday, August 15, 2008

what if one day you wake up, and find that you're missing me,


anyway, yes that picture is clickable so, click on it if you don't get the joke.



EXAMS ARE OVER! Though it's only CT2, but heck! :D Overall, I am confident that I'm flunking chinese and chemistry.. and that I'll pass english, maths, combined humans and bio. :D Can't wait for the results! LOVED.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

cuz if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me,

i guess today was pretty scary.

we had combined humans test today and everybody kinda like freaked out. everyone was like "if northern ireland comes out, i laugh." "if sri lanka comes out, i laugh." "if britain comes out, i laugh even harder." -_-
seriously, my class laughs at EVERYTHING. xD i guess geography was okay, but ss was like, MAD. adele screamed that it was northern ireland when she peeped at the question and everybody went O_O on the spot, LOL. my class is SO LOVED. :D

anyway. not a really eventful day ~_~ and there's maths and chemistry test tomorrow, so, good luck peeps! let's own the moles, metals, acids and bases together! along with circles and triangles!



That Personality Test :: Your Results
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so maybe i'm normal... i don't have any extremes.

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brought to you by thatsurveysite

har. har. har.

Monday, August 11, 2008

i'm not moving..

REALLY 40 little Secrets: Be honest no matter what.

[ONE] Who were your last 3 texts from?
justin, justin, lydia.

[TWO] Where was your default pic taken?
at some random place beside a home in woodlands.

[THREE] What's your middle initial?

[FOUR] Your current relationship status?

[FIVE] Does your crush like you back?

[SIX] What is your current mood?
don't know. crazily happy? for no reason.

[SEVEN] What's your mom's name?
don't want to tell you ;D

[EIGHT] What color shirt are you wearing?

[NINE] Would you kiss the last person you kissed?
yup. why not?

[TEN] If you could go back in time and change something, would you?
nope. pretty happy with the way things turned out eventually.

[ELEVEN] Have a crazy side?

[TWELVE] Favourite day in history?
15th september 1993!

[THIRTEEN] What is something you do a lot?
procrastinate :x i am honest.

[FOURTEEN] Angry at anyone?
not at the moment.

[FIFTEEN] Do you wanna see somebody right now?
yes, but not in the mood to moooove.

[SIXTEEN] Do you like drama?
no, they're dumb because they're oh-so-predictable.

[SEVENTEEN] When was the last time you cried?
don't know, heh.

[EIGHTEEN] Who would you do anything for?

[NINETEEN] Who is your hero?
none, but Jesus is my superhero :D

[TWENTY] What is the one thing you notice first with the opposite sex?
appearance. or is it hair?

[TWENTY-ONE] Hate being alone?
depends xD

[TWENTY-TWO] Heavy sleeper?
maybe? okay i guess so -.-

[TWENTY-THREE] Give me a lyric from the song that you're listening to.
People talk about the guy, who's waiting on a girl...
There on no hole in his shoes, but a big hole in his world...

The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved

[TWENTY-FOUR] Anything fun happened today?
yeah, when adele screamed, "it's on northern ireland! it's on northern ireland!" and everybody LAUGHED.

[TWENTY-FIVE] Do you still watch kiddy movies or tv shows?
i don't watch teevee.

[TWENTY-SIX] What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
green tea.

[TWENTY-SEVEN] Do you speak any other languages?
chinese. so loved and then boyf comes along trying to speak to me in jap, so maybe i do speak a little jap.

[TWENTY-EIGHT] What's your favorite website?
um my blog? -.- no i think it's google. :x

[TWENTY-NINE] Describe your life.

[THIRTY] Have you ever kissed in the rain?

[THIRTY-ONE] Do you like the rain?

[THIRTY-TWO] What are you thinking about right now?
going to the toilet because my stomach feels like a hurricane now.

[THIRTY-THREE] What should you be doing right now?
doing my research.

[THIRTY-FOUR] What is your favorite memory?
the moment when i found my style :x

[THIRTY-FIVE] What are you listening to?
walking in the air by kerli. :x lovely song.

[THIRTY-SIX] Who was the last person you told I love you to?

[THIRTY-SEVEN] Who was the last person you yelled at?

[THIRTY-EIGHT] Do you act differently around the person you like?
nope. maybe yes because i don't act like some loving idiot in front of normal people xD

[THIRTY-NINE] What is your natural hair color?
black. i want jet black!

[FORTY] Who was the last person to make you smile?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

so tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree, it's been three long years, do you still want me?

happy birthday singapore, :D
will post up pictures soon. just revamped my whole comp! (don't care if it's the right word or not, i just like it)

didn't know my whole school was so hyped up for the national day celebration -_- everybody was SO high. including my teacher... :D so loved lah.

Monday, August 4, 2008

they say your words are so cheap; so i bought all of them.

i don't know who i am, period.
stop asking why i'm so obsessed with looking so darn different from others. it's just like asking me to stop being so perfect when i have OCD alright? argh. this isn't something i can control; i wish i could.

well maybe, or for real, i'm more than eccentric. *shrugs*


this is a personality disorder test. have fun doing.

Disorder | Rating
Paranoid: High
Schizoid: Moderate
Schizotypal: Moderate
Antisocial: Moderate
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: Moderate
Narcissistic: Moderate
Avoidant: Moderate
Dependent: Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive: High

* * *

so anyway, lydia and i went out yesterday. i was out on a hunt for a proper red shirt and lydia was just finding clothes for a present and herself. we met at 4 and headed down to fareast first.

sadly, i didn't find my shirt at fareast. so we headed to plaza singapura. (straight to the point! meh. i'm exhausted.) i didn't notice that it was 2nd august.. and coincidentally, call it luckily, while lydia and i were waiting for the bus down to bugis, we saw the black knights (not sure) doing art in the sky! golly. i'll post up the pictures later.

THEY FREAKING MADE A HEART SHAPE, *SWOONS* it's not such a common sight now, is it? heh. let me be fascinated by it alright? z.

then we went down to bugis. walked like until 8 sth before i found a nice red shirt. though it's not the authentic carebear shirt, it looks pretty o-kay. *grins* it doesn't look that bad, so maybe i'll be able to wear it out for fun next time. so much for walking around and wasting time.

lydia and i walked around bugis for a while more before heading down to citylink to get my pencilcase but to my chagrin, the shop was under renovation! so i was pissed. then i sent lydia on her way home while i went to find justin.

and blah blah blah. nothing else interesting that any of you should know. lalala. mad person going to sleep now. bye.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

おぉずく はいの なかの ほの お

was watching d.gray-man episode 94 and came across this really omgwtfbbq-ish scene. xD so i edited it... :x enjoy!

and well, maybe more scenes :o since there are a few nice scenes from episode 93 & 94. (woah, lavi spam)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

one step at a time;

i stole this from alvin-the-retard-tortoise's blog. so cool. (though i only read the english part.)

To My Friends Who Are Single
Love is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you. But if you just let it fly, it will come to you when you least expect it. Love can make you happy but often it hurts, but love's only special when you give it to someone who is really worth it. So take your time and choose the best.

To My Friends Who Are Attached
Love isn't about becoming somebody else's 'perfect person.' It's about finding someone who helps you become the best person you can be.

To My Friends Who Are Playboys/Playgirls
Never say 'I love you' if you don't care. Never talk about feelings if they aren't there. Never touch a life if you mean to break a heart. Never look in the eye when all you do is lie. The most cruel thing a guy can do to a girl is to let her fall in love when he doesn't intend to catch her fall and it works both ways...

To My Friends Who Are Engaged
The true measure of compatibility is not the years spent together but how good you are for each other.

To My Friends Who Are Married
Love is not about 'it's your fault', but 'I'm sorry.' Not 'where are you', but 'I'm right here.' Not 'how could you', but 'I understand.' Not 'I' wish you were', but 'I'm thankful you are.'

To My Friends Who Are Heartbroken
Heartbreaks last as long as you want and cut as deep as you allow them to go. The challenge is not how to survive heartbreaks but to learn from them.

To My Friends Who Are Naive
How to be in love: Fall but don't stumble, be consistent but not too persistent, share and never be unfair, understand and try not to demand, and get hurt but never keep the pain.

To My Friends Who Are Possessive
It breaks your heart to see the one you love happy with someone else but it's more painful to know that the one you love is unhappy with you.

To My Friends Who Are Afraid To Confess
Love hurts when you break up with someone. It hurts even more when someone breaks up with you. But love hurts the most when the person you love has no idea how you feel.

To My Friends Who Are Still Holding On
A sad thing about life is when you meet someone and fall in love, only to
find out in the end that it was never meant to be and that you have wasted years on someone who wasn't worth it. If he/she isn't worth it now he/she is not going to be worth it a year or 10 years from now. Let go.

there comes a time when every bird has to fly; at some point every rose has to die.



go listen to The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved


Feels like the weight of the world
Like God in heaven gave me a turn
Don't cling to me, I swear I can't fix you
Still in the dark, can you fix me?

Free fall, free fall, all through life.

Feels like the weight of the world
Like all my screaming has gone unheard
And oh, I know you don't believe me
Safe in the dark, how can you see?

Evanescence - Weight of The World


Alright. Swamped with so many things with so little time. ._. I guess NJRC research stuff can be put aside for a while. I hope I will be able to breeze through tomorrow's trigonometry test. I do wish I had a little more time to finish up my geography project.

It doesn't sound like it's a lot of things to do, but that's only on the surface. Thing is, my job in the geography project is near the conclusion areas, which coincidentally and surprisingly, is a little bit related to that research topic. And it's getting a bit irritating because it's a lot of English paraphrasing thingy and etc.. Roar.


This is just a short update. \: Because if I start to do my blog, God knows when I'll have time to complete my work. <_< i'm not that pro)

Still have a lot of pictures in my phone and oh well.


Qutub went crazy today. Don't ask -_-v because I don't want to elaborate :}


August is almost here! Life has never been so sweet.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

They call me 'quiet girl', But i'm a riot, mary jo lisa, always the same,

gosh, it might be tonsil infection... let's hope not!

anyway... been looking at people's blogs... :) here's a pretty difficult blogquiz jeslynn tagged me to do D: she's making me hurt my brain now. T_T have fun ~~

It's harder than it looks!
Copy and paste to your own journal, erase my answers, and add your own.
Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.
They have to be real places, names &/or objects, and nothing made up!
Try to use different answers if the person you got this from has the same 1st initial.
You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.
And Have Fun With It!!!

fyi, my name starts with a D. T_T


2) BOY NAME: desmond.

3) GIRL NAME: demetriel.

4) OCCUPATION: diplomat :D

5) A COLOR: denium. (really!)


7) BEVERAGE: dreamsicle punch (really! it's a drink in bars!)

8) FOOD: donuts! (i pwn.)


10) A PLACE: daytona beach :x

11) REASON FOR BEING LATE: drawing your ugly face :x

12) SOMETHING YOU SHOUT: dumbfuck! (pwntyourass!)


I tag

1) soranokira (who HAS a blog, knows i have one and reads it)
2) justin (who also HAS a blog, knows i have one and constantly reads it)
3) veronica (coincidentally OWN a blog, know i own one too, whether she reads it, i don't know)
4) brenda (who HAS a blog, knows i have one, don't know if she reads it)
5) you? (if you bother)


waiting for tomorrow to come so i can do something about my throat.





Monday, July 14, 2008

we are beautiful, no matter what they say.

wow. nobody passed the previous test. :x i shall make another REAL one :D but...


you must do the previous test before doing this one. :x heh heh heh... *evil laughter in the background* fweee.

don't worry, to those who have failed... i still love you! xD i understand how hard it is to pass... *tsk tsk and shakes head* (clue: i am lactose intolerant~)

Create your own Friend Test here

if you fail this... *nothing to say* <_< i guess this time i really dig into whatever things i never really told anyone :o coolio. but if you use common sense sure can pass one la. : D good luck!

this is just to entertain people so i don't get scolded for not updating my blog heh. :D

Sunday, July 13, 2008

shawty had them apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur. :D

heyho! nothing else better to do! i don't know why people like to make such quizzes, maybe they're just too bored or they want to know their true friends, oh well who cares! i'm freaking bored! :D so i shall make you readers do this! muahaha.

Create your own Friend Test here

Friday, July 11, 2008

when i grow up i wanna have boobies, careful what you wish for, cuz you just might get ;-o

Sometimes, I don't know why people like make trouble out of nothing. It's as if they have nothing else better to do, or they just want to spite someone. Or maybe it's just because they like the attention they're getting for commanding this 'army' of people to go against that person.

It just makes me laugh, like literally laugh. You'll think I'm some kind of sadistic freak but no. Put yourself in my shoes and view the fight from the outsider's view, outside the box... It's ridiculous, imagine this:

I seriously don't know what's going through your mind because I'm not you and you're not normal person! Besides, you don't let anyone know about your problems, how do you think anybody would know what you feel?
One last thing, please take a look in the mirror before trying to shoot anybody because it's just so damn stupid!!

response 1: (doesn't even try to fight back, instead decides to act as if nothing has happened)
response 2: What has this got anything to do with you? Why do you even want to understand the way I handle things MY way? It won't benefit you so just stop bothering! You also take a look in the mirror before shooting anybody okay! You're just as stupid you know! Because it takes a stupid to know a stupid, stupid!

Isn't it just so damn funny? Makes you just wanna laugh at their mindless quarrels that brings them nowhere, because 1) aggressors usually just win people over directly without any foundations 2) victims usually tries to win their own people too without any foundations 3) they go to battle and nobody wins unless somebody intervenes 4) most of the time both parties make me laugh.

Mind you, I'm not directly insulting a particular someone but rather, at all the stupid people fighting. Maybe it's just me who thinks like this because I don't bother making friends >_> But look at it from an introvert's point of view - all these fights waste whatever little time you have left on earth.

You never know when the world's gonna end, and if all lives were to be claimed at once when you were busy fighting, I'm gonna laugh at you in your face. All these fights doesn't you benefit anybody in anyway! It's not as if you're fighting this out in court and blahblahblah. Since you want to fight so much go become a lawyer and then you can fight and feel that rush of joy when you win the case in the other person's face.

So my point is... People who cause trouble from nothing are basically stupid people who have nothing else to do.

Go ahead and flame me on your blogs then, go tarnish my image because that's what I'm expecting from all you brainless people :D Oh what joy; instant fame <3

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

'cause it's nine in the afternoon, and your eyes are the size of the moon.

TODAY was just a pretty odd day. i left the house with janet jackson song stuck in my head, went around school with marie digby's 'say it again', and headed home with '9 in the afternoon' by panic! at the disco. ._. yeah i know it's just plain old `panic at the disco` without the ! mark anymore :(
i managed to watch wanted! and this leaves me with hellboy II and hancock. mmm. i want to watch 10 promises to my dog again. seriously, it's the only show that made me cry. -_-v~~
so anyway. i'm getting scolded for not updating my blog! gosh! alright here's the update you wanted! which reminds me. i've got a story to tell. :)


I remember the day started off pretty well. Like any other normal day, the only dreaded item was my bag. As I headed off to school with all my science and math books, i received a text message from an unknown number.
'Hope you trip and fall and break all your bones! Your pathetic existence is not needed on the face of this earth because bitches like you deserve to be fucked and murdered!' it read.
Rolling my eyes, I sighed and wondered what I'd done to deserve this, because all I did was to make friends. I slipped the phone into my pocket and walked to school.

Today could also be counted as one of the best days of my life. She was finally talking to me! Or at the very least, acknowledging my existence. Deep down inside, this inexplicable bubble of joy burst and if it were in a cup it would be overflowing. I have never felt this happy ever since three years ago.
When she excused herself, I continued with my math question but somehow, all ability to answer the question just died. I looked up and watched her get pulled away by a group of girls...

I do have a few friends, and when I say 'few', I really mean 'few'. Raise up your hand and put down one finger, because that is the number of friends that even know I exist. What would you do if you were me - Would you die? Would you create a wall around yourself? Or would you bravely soldier through this with these four friends?
As I was leaving the classroom after classes, I heard her voice outside. Deciding not to interrupt her conversation, I stepped behind a wall and inevitably overheard her conversation.

"Why're you hanging out with her? Is she better than us?"

"No! It's not that!" She defended. "I just happened to be talking to her!"

"She's nothing but a trouble! She will be your friend in this moment but in the next, she'll backstab you!"

"You don't even know her, so why're you making false accusations on groundless evidences? She has been your friend for two and a half years now, fuxdamnit. If you think you're any better than her, go take a look in the mirror."

It went so quiet outside for a moment I thought it'd ended, so I walked out of the class briskly, as if nothing ever happened... but just when I stepped out, all I saw was their faces...

Hi, I'm Vanessa and I'm 15. Seriously, somebody. Tell me what I've done wrong...

What if I lead the way?
What if I make mistakes
will you be there?
What if I change the world?
What if I take the blame?
will you be there?
What if I change the world?
What if I lead the way?
What if I be the one who takes the blame?
What if I can't go on without you?
What if I graduate?
What if I don't?

done and dead, and proven my worth, there's nothing more to be said about this
reality or dream? things just changed into a state of bliss
i guess apologising will never be accepted, but trying doesn't hurt
so let me take this chance to take afford me comfort

sorry for thinking i could do it, sorry for trying to be what i'm not
days&nights i've tried to be, but all my efforts led to naught
putting on the face that gets me through the day, it is but a daily affair
it's the kind of dream you can never awake from - it's my living nightmare

the gaping hole in my chest is filled with nothing but you
and if it's you that i'd hurt, tell me what am i to do?
oh, such wistful eyes, a fragile tale it brings along
tell me now, truthfully, to where and whom do i really belong?

They all tell me to stop wallowing in self-pity, get a life and move on. But what they don't know is, it hurts to move on. "Change is the only constant in life." Go fuck this sentence yourself! Nobody knows how I feel because nobody even bothers!
I wish I could go back to where everyone was, where nobody cried and nobody lied. If only I could find somebody who understands me, who knows how I feel, because I'm lost. They say that you'll find the light at the end of the tunnel but I don't see the light for my tunnel.
When I crack a joke, I start to feel down. When I emo, I start to fall apart. When I cry, I start to crumble. When I lose control of all I have, I start to lose myself. & I already have lost myself.
I'm really sorry, I couldn't keep your promises. I tried to change myself but nobody appreciated it. I tried to be someone else, but nothing seemed to change. I'm at a loss. I've tried. Hell...

Hi, I'm Demetriel and I'm 17. I think I'm going crazy.

Is there really no way to express my grief?
Without any thoughts of how others'd think.
Too accustomed to the lies i continuously weave,
Things happened too fast; as if in a wink.

Will there be a day where i'll no longer be needed?
Or maybe even forgotten by all.
Have i already be casted & unwanted?
Is anybody out there'll who'll answer my call?


After all that's been said and done, at the end of the day we all realise the same thing - that we are all the same. It is the way we handle things and emotions differently that makes us unique. There's nothing I can say, nothing I can do to help you there, because ultimately it is you who will turn the tables around and make the best out of everyday.

Why are you all quarrelling anyway? What is there for you to quarrel about? Is it over some petty issue, like who's better and who's dumber? Maybe it's just me, but I can't seem to see what's so great about you guys to fuss about. If it is a quarrel that you want, do it in a much more mature way. From my point of view, this is total entertainment because I've been through what you have and if you want a minute to talk to me about this, go ahead! Because I've got a whole damn forever of minutes to spare to you! :)

What are you all being so sad? What has caused you to ponder over for so long? I'm not saying that you can't be this way, or that it's not good for you blahblahblah, because all I'm saying now is that you've got to be strong and stayed focused on whatever that's ahead of you, even if it is the simplest task like going to school.
Everybody has their own way of handling sadness and I've absolutely no right to ask you to do it THIS way or THAT way. Whatever it is, I do hope that you will sober up and stay strong because if I can make it through the fall, you can make it through too. I'll be waiting at the end of the tunnel for you. :)

Now. If I told you the world was ending soon, would you behave like that?


You certainly wouldn't right? Take a look around - the world is dying, and so are we. Nobody knows just when and where would we end so... as everyone knows, 'live everyday like it's the last day of your life.' And live it to the fullest... Be what makes you, you. :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

here's a llama, there's a llama, and another little llama. fuzzy llama, funny llama, llama llama DUCK!

200th post since 23rd august 2007. hmm, not bad uh. :) i might've reached 200 posts quite a while ago; just lazy :x

short update because i'm going to eat dinner! (hearts) do visit, nice stocks but quite little, do support :)
haha. i lazy to press anymore buttons. :x

Sunday, June 29, 2008

pop princess hold my hand


i think lan shops are REALLY so cool alright! let me give you a brief introduction of lan shops from my point of view.

there are usually two types of groups that come to lan shops. one group is the shua-cool-dont-mess-with-me kind and the second group is the kee-siao-together.
the first group usually comes to do kind of serious business in dota, meaning they come to trash you in dota and then leaving, making you look at them in awe.
the second group comes in and tries to pwn you in dota with their oh-so-cool faces but not-so-cool moves.

today the second group came! i swear i almost laughed my whole internal body systems out alright! it was pretty quiet when they first arrived, like "if you mess with me imma gonna make you pay for it with your pride." so, okay~ let them shuang about their "serious business"... :)
they came in a group of 10 so then they split themselves equally, becoming Team One and Team Two (mitosis). so then the game commences!

the game started like how normal games go. you hear a "first blood.." and then somebody curses... and you start hearing like "killing spree.." and then "dominating!!" and then... you know, so on and so forth :) which means, let's say Team One is owning Team Two or vice versa.
somehow this group of people must have gotten possessed by the amoeba boys (from powerpuff girls) and went crazy. a member from Team One went "graawwwrrrrr i rrrruuuullleeeeee" when he got a "double kill.."

so i was like "oooo..kaayyyy..." and went back to do my stuff.. but a few seconds later, i heard a "triple kill!!" and a "PQVQI#@*%!)Q#N)VOAIWEPVIW RAWR!!" i was with my friend so we exchanged glances for a few seconds and burst out in laughter. we were imagining the same guy getting "GODLIKE.." and when we find that guy, he won't be a solid person anymore; he'd be a whole messy glob on the floor, bubbling~~

okay maybe some of you guys won't get it, but it really made me laugh so hard in that moment haha. okay nothing else much to talk about now. i'm going back to entertain myself with the idiot second group of lan shop people now ~~ :D

Friday, June 27, 2008

cuz we all finally breathe tonight


went down to the library to pass lion my soft pastels and then continued to head down to mediacorp with justin today to let them find out my secret talent and then making me famous. we walked in the wrong way so it was a jolly nice horrid 15 minute walk in there. ._." well it wouldn't really be that bad if the weather wasn't so hot because i was wearing skinnys to cover up my rash bumps. the terraces along andrew road? gosh, it BLEW me away. if you're free you could go down and take a look ._.
in the end i didn't go to school today. itching like mad! gosh. well now it's going down~~ and YEAH! it's friday! schweeeeeeeeeet.


there's this really stupid advertisement playing on tv now. i think it's the M1 advertisement ah? the one with "some companies don't listen to their customers. and you deserve better". that crap HAHA. so funny!


i want to watch hancock and wanted! roar!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

hydrocortisone 1% cream 15g & chlorpheniramine 4mg tab

it's confirmed. i've got rashes! it's not contagious but still, it's... disgusting, x_x i didn't get an mc for tomorrow (darn!) and i still have to go for morning run on friday too (double darn!)
i've got some cream to apply on my itches sparingly and some medicine to eat if the itch gets really unbearable. the medicine is soo cute! it looks just like those runny nose pills! :D but this causes drowsiness so um, the best time to itch like mad is at night lor. but i'm afraid that after i consume it i won't wake up and then i'll probably oversleep, x_x!
the cream is so cool luh, and calamine lotion comes next :x it's super effective! (L) hope i'll get better.

anyway, here's the pictures i'd taken but found no time to decorate and upload :D

{/ the silky terrier at spca!

{/ this is the real brenda! (click!)