Monday, October 13, 2008

that girl is so dangerous,

Where have all the good people gone? I've been flipping channels on the telly but I don't see them. Where are all the promises we made to each other, everyone of you? Where has everything, we all once planned foolishly while we were sober, gone? Where is everyone going to? Why are you all leaving me alone?

The four of you, out of which one of you has changed so much, I don't recognise you anymore, and the another following along, blinded by the patterns of this world so much that you don't see where you've strayed. We all promised we'd be there for each other, but it's now only the three of us. Why have both of you left? Are we the only ones waiting?

The three of you, who once said that you will never forget my existence, but you don't bother maintaining it. Where have you gone to? Are you going to let the events of yesterday ruin the chance which God has gave us to meet? Why are we all scattered and forgotten in each other's mind?

That bunch of you, always leaving it to the few of us to get things done. We know you look to us as leaders, but why are you all throwing all the burden on us when we are much able to pull through this together as one? Where are all the bonds?

All that's left are broken promises, squeezing the fulfilled promises through the spaces between my fingers. What are you all doing - trying to smother the life out of me?

So I guess that's it - the only people that need me in their life are those that prove they need me in theirs. People are going to want me, need me, exceed me, take me, love me, hate me, play me, rate me, save me and break me. but that's what makes me, me. And if you don't like it, there's nothing I can do. Newsflash idiot, I don't live to please you.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

darling, it's better. down where it's wetter - take it from me.


actually, the exams aren't really that hard and scary. it's just the imagining part. the studying part sucks (yes i know) but when you take the paper, it's like a breeze and then the bell goes. everything is over before you know it!

apologies to my dear readers (which i think have all disappeared after my long break without notices or whatever but i don't think anyone cares) who have been constantly coming back but the impending dread of not seeing any new posts keeps you from coming back to check! but fret not, for i am back!

must i mention that i think i love my class? somehow, unknowingly and unconsciously, we have all bonded so well together, it's as if nothing can tear us apart! and the difference is there when we are not together as a class!

i guess it must be the stress hitting me~ heh. this is the first time i've really studied for the exams! and my hand's hurting a lot. =_= i think my hand'll probably be dead by the time everything ends. i wanna go for a massage! my right shoulder is getting real stressed and i need to do something about it :( even the shoulder bone hurts ;( somebody accompany me to do massage please :)


Thursday, September 25, 2008

There is nothing to fear, for i am right beside you; for all my life i am yours.

Okay, sheesh with the title! What About Now by Daughtry is stuck in my head! (What's with the capitalisation?) The EOYs are coming!


The EOYs are coming!
The EOYs are coming!
The EOYs are coming!


Lol, I have nothing to say about it. Actually, I have nothing to update my blog with! Or maybe I should add just some lame stuff about what's happening... But there's nothing...

IMO, my class is just getting weirder by the day -.- I thought my class would be oh-so-cool for a 3e1 class but then I just recently noticed how my class looks like from far when we have a test on that day - everyone holding notes/textbooks together! O-m-f-g I so love my class :)

And and and Galton is so cute please. He's so straightforward in a way that makes you just wanna laugh. I don't know how to explain it to you but he gives you the weirdest answers to normal questions like, "It taste alkaline." -.-! So love him la. And then there's another time (which so happened to be yesterday) I sat beside him in Chemistry class (because Qutub-the-barbarian tried to piss Ruilin off at my seat). So Ruilin asked me to go back to my seat but Qutub-the-barbarian wouldn't let me! So we decided to ask Galton.

"Eh, Galton, who do you think should move?" Qutub-the-barbarian asked.

"I don't want to sit with Qutub! Get him away from me!" Ruilin-the-damsel-in-distress cried.

*Silence for a full minute as Galton copies the answers to the Chemistry worksheet that has just been flashed*

*Looks up*

"I want to go to the toilet. Anyone went to the toilet?" Galton-my-best-friend-suddenly replied.

And here comes the epic headslap by Qutub-the-barbarian and some random laughter. I told him to just go to the toilet, just tell the teacher that it was urgent but he continued copying his notes. I don't know what's with him but he just had to say this,

"My leg shaking already." meaning he's very urgent.. imo.


Must I mention too that Qutub has been a barbarian for the past 3 days in class? Ever since I asked him about some gaming stuff, he's been "Ugah-ugah"-ing at me in class... Because he's played a barbarian character on the game so... he believes it is okay to be one IRL. O-k-a-y. That's not the worse part. He does it to my chinese teacher and often gets seen by our other subject teachers when he does that "Ugah-ugah" shit. Hahaha.

So love my funky class. Cute, weird and crazy people. Not to forget Brenda-the-bimbo-bitch.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i won't cross the streets until you hold my hand.

djmax2 portable; more than just a game


okokay, i know i had a long dinner :x and here are the pictures. :) sorry i only took so little, what do you expect?

i went to school on my birthday FIFTEENTH OF SEPTEMBER TYVM(yes i'm a cool nerd) and not surprisingly, not much people remembered my birthday. especially those whom i expected to remember, didn't. <_< those i didn't expect any from, remembered. how awesome is that. (which proves that i only have so little true friends.)

angela gave me a handphone strap-thingy with my name on it :D and the first to wish me a happy birthday! hawhaw. veronica & yingxuan gave me this super huge deck of poker cards -.- slightly larger than two decks placed side-by-side. so awesome.

qutub, brenda, adele and i went to have a go at those super huge cards, and angela sat by and watched after school. we had to ask qutub to shuffle the cards because we have small hands. :x though we tried, but yeah you get the drift.

after that, angela and i went down to the canteen to slack, while supposedly waiting for justin but something cropped up, so we made a move first and met him at woodlands station. :x he got me a dress, THAT super awesome dress! from bodyline omfg and you can click on the peekcture.

we went home together and i showered and changed clothes, and i don't know why i looked so classy -.-v oh wells.

he brought me to earle's swensons for dinner and the soup of the day was awesome, hurhur. i was freezing the whole time in vivo because my shirt's material was superbly thin. AWESOME.

after that we went to watch MAMMA MIA! and the show was awesome! though it's a musical and the music is like so yesterday, the show just made everything so spectacular! :x go watch it mans.

I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I'll cross the stream - I have a dream

we walked around in vivo before heading back homeee. fweeeeeeee. but i'm at a loss of what to do on my darling's birthday now. BEST. i can't possibly do all this for him -.- this is for a girl.