Wednesday, October 8, 2008

darling, it's better. down where it's wetter - take it from me.


actually, the exams aren't really that hard and scary. it's just the imagining part. the studying part sucks (yes i know) but when you take the paper, it's like a breeze and then the bell goes. everything is over before you know it!

apologies to my dear readers (which i think have all disappeared after my long break without notices or whatever but i don't think anyone cares) who have been constantly coming back but the impending dread of not seeing any new posts keeps you from coming back to check! but fret not, for i am back!

must i mention that i think i love my class? somehow, unknowingly and unconsciously, we have all bonded so well together, it's as if nothing can tear us apart! and the difference is there when we are not together as a class!

i guess it must be the stress hitting me~ heh. this is the first time i've really studied for the exams! and my hand's hurting a lot. =_= i think my hand'll probably be dead by the time everything ends. i wanna go for a massage! my right shoulder is getting real stressed and i need to do something about it :( even the shoulder bone hurts ;( somebody accompany me to do massage please :)


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