Saturday, August 23, 2008

was it you who spoke the words that, things would happen but not to me?

hoho! djmax2portable rocks my smelly socks!

watching the olympics now. i am so amazed at how the world comes together to fight without weapons. or at least on the screen. it's like everyone's so united. or at least most of the world population. you can exclude all those at war and bla bla bla. not amazed anymore. naivete.

anyway! the past week has been really fun! and when i say fun, i really mean hardcore fun alright! hardcore fun = no evil voice telling you to skip school. woots! i don't really remember everything that happened this week but overall, it rocked so much. :}

on wednesday, brenda and izzuan had a bet on whether miss madam zuraidah would be in school today and brenda lost! the forfeit was... she had to be a vegetarian for 1 week! hoho, like she became one for seven days -.- only three! maybe two. B-O-O!

charles's bottle suicided. :(


random pictures.