Saturday, September 13, 2008

i've built a wall not to block anyone out... but to see who loves me enough to climb over it.

just venting my anger


sorry vivian, put your aeroplane today. i will make it up to you one day. i promise.

i sent vivian an aeroplane because i really needed to see the pannier and guess what? *drumrolls* it's $7x! *creepy sound effect coming on* i will get it, but i have to convince qutub & brenda not to get me into their $100 plan because T^T i really want it, me-h.

so i went to far east with andrea and lydia. andrea said she looked trashy (lol i think so too) so we saved her with some cotton on cardigan and flip flops. the receipt was super long haha and super cool, so i took it. :x then we went down and saw my pannier. \(=T^T=)/

after that we went down to plaza singapura so collect something but it wasn't there! so we went to flash&splash to look at my skirt but andrea and i got distracted by caps! omfg and lydia bought that cap for me as my birthday present. LOVE YOU LYDIEEEEEE! and i lent it to andrea for today because she was so noisy

then lydia went home, and andrea and i went to bugis because andrea wanted to get a dont-know-what-shirt-for-some-dont-know-what-reason. but it wasn't there! she was so sad. and before we went home, we went to diva and got this "best friends" locket! she took "friends" so i got "best". *shrugs* because we'll prolly be getting a "best friends forever" with lydia haha. (though i should get it with hannah and valery ._.)

oh lols. how many necklaces did i have today...
1 long guitar necklace... 1 cross necklace... another cross necklace andrea lent me... and the "best friends" locket... :D omfg. hahaha.

and... some shit happened and now i'm so fucken hungry because i've got no dinner. ~~ tralala, i SO love myself.

p/s: went to make my i.c. on friday! still have to wait until 20th october to get it. grr this counter person, nur fahzilla saved my life! hoho! she saved my passport photo and omfg, my i.c. picture is gonna be so awesome! special thanks to randy baa baa. love you two so much!


thanks for being my unbiological sisters!


went bloghopping for a while and then compared it to darling's and my blog. read it somewhere in Cecelia Ahern's `If You Could See Me Now`, something like "when we try to simplify things, sometimes we just complicate it further."
yes i'm very happy to be with darling but... i don't know! i'm not expecting it, but... what you write on your blog... you seem very unsatisfied and shit.. I DONT FUCKING KNOW!

anyway! some very long-time-ago little brother from maple just talked to me, telling me he's super happy that he's a christian! so love him la. he's so sweet. he still remembers me, calls me jie -.-" and so happy that he's happy he's a christian! L-O-V-E-D. ^_^