Sunday, June 29, 2008

pop princess hold my hand


i think lan shops are REALLY so cool alright! let me give you a brief introduction of lan shops from my point of view.

there are usually two types of groups that come to lan shops. one group is the shua-cool-dont-mess-with-me kind and the second group is the kee-siao-together.
the first group usually comes to do kind of serious business in dota, meaning they come to trash you in dota and then leaving, making you look at them in awe.
the second group comes in and tries to pwn you in dota with their oh-so-cool faces but not-so-cool moves.

today the second group came! i swear i almost laughed my whole internal body systems out alright! it was pretty quiet when they first arrived, like "if you mess with me imma gonna make you pay for it with your pride." so, okay~ let them shuang about their "serious business"... :)
they came in a group of 10 so then they split themselves equally, becoming Team One and Team Two (mitosis). so then the game commences!

the game started like how normal games go. you hear a "first blood.." and then somebody curses... and you start hearing like "killing spree.." and then "dominating!!" and then... you know, so on and so forth :) which means, let's say Team One is owning Team Two or vice versa.
somehow this group of people must have gotten possessed by the amoeba boys (from powerpuff girls) and went crazy. a member from Team One went "graawwwrrrrr i rrrruuuullleeeeee" when he got a "double kill.."

so i was like "oooo..kaayyyy..." and went back to do my stuff.. but a few seconds later, i heard a "triple kill!!" and a "PQVQI#@*%!)Q#N)VOAIWEPVIW RAWR!!" i was with my friend so we exchanged glances for a few seconds and burst out in laughter. we were imagining the same guy getting "GODLIKE.." and when we find that guy, he won't be a solid person anymore; he'd be a whole messy glob on the floor, bubbling~~

okay maybe some of you guys won't get it, but it really made me laugh so hard in that moment haha. okay nothing else much to talk about now. i'm going back to entertain myself with the idiot second group of lan shop people now ~~ :D