Friday, June 27, 2008

cuz we all finally breathe tonight


went down to the library to pass lion my soft pastels and then continued to head down to mediacorp with justin today to let them find out my secret talent and then making me famous. we walked in the wrong way so it was a jolly nice horrid 15 minute walk in there. ._." well it wouldn't really be that bad if the weather wasn't so hot because i was wearing skinnys to cover up my rash bumps. the terraces along andrew road? gosh, it BLEW me away. if you're free you could go down and take a look ._.
in the end i didn't go to school today. itching like mad! gosh. well now it's going down~~ and YEAH! it's friday! schweeeeeeeeeet.


there's this really stupid advertisement playing on tv now. i think it's the M1 advertisement ah? the one with "some companies don't listen to their customers. and you deserve better". that crap HAHA. so funny!


i want to watch hancock and wanted! roar!