Tuesday, September 9, 2008

close your eyes, and dream.

hello world. welcome back to school and to the start of term 4. (please clap) this signals the end of all the fun and the start of all the mugging, so if you haven't bought a mug yet, please do so because we will all be mugging soon. more than words sells pretty nice mugs so do take a look if you've got time.

alright! what was that, i don't know but... yup why am i spending time to blog now? *shrugs* instead of studying for my maths test tomorrow, i can't believe i spent 2 hours (again) to do mulberry painting! the last time i did cross stitching of the virgo star sign... now it's a painting of the african elephant in the sunset... :x i'll take a picture and upload it soon. :x

can't say today was a bad day... since we played taiti in chinese class today! and this time we didn't have to draw out fake cheapo poker cards because i brought mine! (omgz) and the relief teacher is super funky luh. instead of making us do the homework he taught us how to play the indian poker! LOL, he's super cute i tell you.

it goes like, everyone takes a card but don't look! and sticks it on your forehead. then the other people will have to try and convince you to put down your card because the person with the smallest card at the end of the game (2 diamonds) lose and will have to do something stupid. and yup, if the person does so, you can take his/her card. alternatively you can just put down your card and take a new one from the pile.

don't know why it's entertaining but yeah, play it in a big group and you'll know why. ha ha ha. rather fruitful day today i guess! except that darling didn't reply my message and i am so :( now! :( :( :( sad face spam.

never mind \: i shall go continue my paint. tralala. :( :( :(