Monday, July 14, 2008

we are beautiful, no matter what they say.

wow. nobody passed the previous test. :x i shall make another REAL one :D but...


you must do the previous test before doing this one. :x heh heh heh... *evil laughter in the background* fweee.

don't worry, to those who have failed... i still love you! xD i understand how hard it is to pass... *tsk tsk and shakes head* (clue: i am lactose intolerant~)

Create your own Friend Test here

if you fail this... *nothing to say* <_< i guess this time i really dig into whatever things i never really told anyone :o coolio. but if you use common sense sure can pass one la. : D good luck!

this is just to entertain people so i don't get scolded for not updating my blog heh. :D