Sunday, June 8, 2008

everyday i patiently wait, feeling like a fool but i do anyway.

our 'stem cells and engineering' aem course ended last friday! and the handsome guy in that blue top was our lecturer from republic poly :D he's got a pretty cool name. mr scottz lip. :O
although it was kind of irritating to be going back to school for nine hours, it was quite enjoyable... and i can't say i didn't learn anything. i shall admit that for the first time ever, i paid almost total attention in class!

after the whole course ended... SO SAD PLEASE i headed home to wash up and stuff like that before heading down to hsh/bsh's bbq. :) made edward wait because he messed up my nails :x tried to make him angry but to no avail, but still apologised because i blew up at him on the bus. (there was this stupid woman sitting in front of me in the bus who partially turned around to see who i was talking to. i pointed my middle finger at her. i saw bryant on the bus too!)
didnt really socialise much with the people at the bbq because i knew no one except xinyi, jason, ming and edward. ._." so never mind. edward and i just talked to each other =_=" talk until got nothing to say alr, haha.

nice sand.

we rotted until about 3 plus, where the whole barbecue ended D: then most of them went home, which left us with xinyi, jason and edward. xinyi and jason decided to head off to shower because they played with ice, then edward and i rotted at mac's, waiting for them.
turned out they walked all the way to dont-know-where because all the toilets were like full or something? then they left for their friend's house to rot somemore. =_= so edward and i stayed to see the sunrise BUT THERE WAS NO SUNRISE because there were clouds BLOCKING THE SUNRISE so there was no sunrise AT ALL.

there were clouds to look at anyway. made a lot of noise on the breakwater because i hate happy couples and i wanted to break their bubble of romance. heh.