Friday, July 11, 2008

when i grow up i wanna have boobies, careful what you wish for, cuz you just might get ;-o

Sometimes, I don't know why people like make trouble out of nothing. It's as if they have nothing else better to do, or they just want to spite someone. Or maybe it's just because they like the attention they're getting for commanding this 'army' of people to go against that person.

It just makes me laugh, like literally laugh. You'll think I'm some kind of sadistic freak but no. Put yourself in my shoes and view the fight from the outsider's view, outside the box... It's ridiculous, imagine this:

I seriously don't know what's going through your mind because I'm not you and you're not normal person! Besides, you don't let anyone know about your problems, how do you think anybody would know what you feel?
One last thing, please take a look in the mirror before trying to shoot anybody because it's just so damn stupid!!

response 1: (doesn't even try to fight back, instead decides to act as if nothing has happened)
response 2: What has this got anything to do with you? Why do you even want to understand the way I handle things MY way? It won't benefit you so just stop bothering! You also take a look in the mirror before shooting anybody okay! You're just as stupid you know! Because it takes a stupid to know a stupid, stupid!

Isn't it just so damn funny? Makes you just wanna laugh at their mindless quarrels that brings them nowhere, because 1) aggressors usually just win people over directly without any foundations 2) victims usually tries to win their own people too without any foundations 3) they go to battle and nobody wins unless somebody intervenes 4) most of the time both parties make me laugh.

Mind you, I'm not directly insulting a particular someone but rather, at all the stupid people fighting. Maybe it's just me who thinks like this because I don't bother making friends >_> But look at it from an introvert's point of view - all these fights waste whatever little time you have left on earth.

You never know when the world's gonna end, and if all lives were to be claimed at once when you were busy fighting, I'm gonna laugh at you in your face. All these fights doesn't you benefit anybody in anyway! It's not as if you're fighting this out in court and blahblahblah. Since you want to fight so much go become a lawyer and then you can fight and feel that rush of joy when you win the case in the other person's face.

So my point is... People who cause trouble from nothing are basically stupid people who have nothing else to do.

Go ahead and flame me on your blogs then, go tarnish my image because that's what I'm expecting from all you brainless people :D Oh what joy; instant fame <3