Tuesday, June 24, 2008

even if it takes the rest of my life,

hey guys! :) school has started! i got nothing to say! haha. hmm, i guess i will be updating the class blog with the detailed chalet pictures this weekend or the next :) sad siolz, i will take at least around 2 hours to do it D: and nobody appreciates it!


anyway. here's a cool blogskins! adopt a tree!


too cute. :x i couldn't help it.


anyway. today in class, my form teacher rearranged a number of students and... she really shouldn't have done that. she just made the class noisier and crazier. :) the first signs? pulling me and brenda apart, AND THEN putting qutub IN BETWEEN us. oh gosh.

and then putting joei with cheryl TWO SEATS behind brenda. oh gosh.

so to prove it to you, today during social studies lesson, qutub brenda adele and i played tai ti in class :) because adele had this super mini poker cards from universal studios florida (WE LOVE FLORIDA NOW) :D haha! and stupid brenda roared and she won. oh gosh. *_* we will played tai ti tomorrow again!


fuck the itch on my body! i think it's insect bite but it's too many to possibly be insect bites and there weren't this many when i first saw it on saturday night. justin thinks that it might be allergy or rash.
oh whatever! crazy itch! i'm going to the doc's after school tomorrow. i don't care! i am dying alr.

psst. i love calamine lotion.