Wednesday, June 25, 2008

hydrocortisone 1% cream 15g & chlorpheniramine 4mg tab

it's confirmed. i've got rashes! it's not contagious but still, it's... disgusting, x_x i didn't get an mc for tomorrow (darn!) and i still have to go for morning run on friday too (double darn!)
i've got some cream to apply on my itches sparingly and some medicine to eat if the itch gets really unbearable. the medicine is soo cute! it looks just like those runny nose pills! :D but this causes drowsiness so um, the best time to itch like mad is at night lor. but i'm afraid that after i consume it i won't wake up and then i'll probably oversleep, x_x!
the cream is so cool luh, and calamine lotion comes next :x it's super effective! (L) hope i'll get better.

anyway, here's the pictures i'd taken but found no time to decorate and upload :D

{/ the silky terrier at spca!

{/ this is the real brenda! (click!)