Sunday, June 1, 2008

i burnt out every bridge that i built when you were still here.

[EDIT] @ 5.37pm


The decision was random ._. Jason, Xinyi and I decided this while quarrelling with some people :x Haha! Then this Ming guy also came. So funny jor.




They like to eat hot tofu. ._. It was too hot so I didn't try.

:D I couldn't help it.


Then Xinyi decided to call the people down to watch movie, since I was at PlazaSing alr. Xinyi arrived first, so then we decided to stuff ourselves with food ._. Then Zicheng came. Then Jason. Edward = slowpoke.
We watched The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian. :D Lucy so cute pls. :}


I dread camps.
But after going, I think it's kinda fun luh. Because Brenda, Qihuang, Qutub and I kept playing taiti. Don't know why we didn't get bored of it. HAHA!

It was Amazing Race first. But er, like always, it doesn't work out. D: Okay never mind. Then we headed back to school. The dinner was buffet :D Haha, okay I shan't say anything bad about this round...

Then came the nightwalk. The thought alone of the nightwalk was like freaking everyone out, even some of the organisers... So yeah, persuasion, and it was like, brought down to a less scarier level. :) It went on pretty well...

It was pretty scary. See, even Weihao put on makeup ._.

Because this was a 2 day 1 night camp for special reasons, I decided not to sleep :D Then Brenda, Qihuang and Qutub decided to play taiti >:D Haha! We played for like damn long lor... It was pretty fun, considering the fact that I had alr played 2 and a half hours of taiti with Yingxuan at the pitstop during the not-so-Amazing Race ._. Heh, then came the super funny part la.

It was like 5.30 am alr, and Qutub started drinking this green coloured gassy drink again... And he said, "Wah, whole night drink gassy drink ah..." And continued drinking. Then I said, "Wah, then whole morning fart ah..." And ... He spitted out the water!! OMG! :x IT WAS HILARIOUS.




(Taken from Xinyi)

Sorry if I haven't been replying to people's messages, it's because.

1) My sms exceeded the limit I wanna keep my smses too.
2) I don't wanna reply you and I don't see a need to!
3) I read your message and forgot to reply.
4) My message got stucked in the outbox and as usual there is no notification like outbox (1).
5) I didn't check my phone because I don't bother to.


GET THIS RIGHT, PEOPLE. I don't care if my mother is reading this, I don't care if my teacher is reading this, I don't care if anybody who has higher authority than me in my life, READ THIS BLOODY THING BEFORE ACCUSING ME OF IGNORING YOU AND TRYING TO GET INTO ANY TROUBLE I WISH TO.
If I ever decide to stay out in the night with anyone at any place, this decision will ALWAYS and FOREVER be impromptu. Because I do not have a death wish yet. The only reason why I'd stay out at night is because I had a freaking quarrel with my family members. I will not choose to stay out at night just because my best friend quarrelled with me. If anything smaller than a fight with my family members, I won't stay out, because there is totally no point at all. And if you think that I stayed out with someone else because I want to ignore you, go ahead and think that way. I can't do anything if you want to be that way. Fuck it. Go call the police and send me home then. I don't care.

1. This thing called 'Father' does not exist in my dictionary anymore. I consider myself fatherless. (physically)
2. Next thing out of my life totally, is 'Mother'.
3. My brother might still have hope, if he does not piss me off any further than I am with my whole freaking family NOW.
4. I dare not go back to church because I have this feeling that everybody is against me.
5. If my school friends decide to turn their back on me, I will not hesitate to just die.


Yeah, remember this well. This is my life, I do things MY way. Don't try to make me do things YOUR way because everybody has their own way of doing things in life. Don't think that you can understand my life by making me do things in your way. If you don't understand what I'm doing, then STOP assuming things. When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME. ARGH. If you don't understand, then leave me alone!

Okay yah. I appreciate all that you're trying to do now, but it's all a little too late now. Go find someone else because I'm done with this. You know what I am already, you should have seen this coming.