Monday, October 13, 2008

that girl is so dangerous,

Where have all the good people gone? I've been flipping channels on the telly but I don't see them. Where are all the promises we made to each other, everyone of you? Where has everything, we all once planned foolishly while we were sober, gone? Where is everyone going to? Why are you all leaving me alone?

The four of you, out of which one of you has changed so much, I don't recognise you anymore, and the another following along, blinded by the patterns of this world so much that you don't see where you've strayed. We all promised we'd be there for each other, but it's now only the three of us. Why have both of you left? Are we the only ones waiting?

The three of you, who once said that you will never forget my existence, but you don't bother maintaining it. Where have you gone to? Are you going to let the events of yesterday ruin the chance which God has gave us to meet? Why are we all scattered and forgotten in each other's mind?

That bunch of you, always leaving it to the few of us to get things done. We know you look to us as leaders, but why are you all throwing all the burden on us when we are much able to pull through this together as one? Where are all the bonds?

All that's left are broken promises, squeezing the fulfilled promises through the spaces between my fingers. What are you all doing - trying to smother the life out of me?

So I guess that's it - the only people that need me in their life are those that prove they need me in theirs. People are going to want me, need me, exceed me, take me, love me, hate me, play me, rate me, save me and break me. but that's what makes me, me. And if you don't like it, there's nothing I can do. Newsflash idiot, I don't live to please you.

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